What is mycar ?

My Car Pty. Ltd., is an advertising company. It is designed to advertise the choice of personalised transport services of independent transport operators. These being Hire Cars (limousines) Taxi Cabs, Mini Buses, Tour Operators and Rental Cars.
Within the administration of mycar there are those who have had over 15 years experience in the transport industry. That is as drivers, operators,administrators most importantly marketing and promotion.
As mycar is purely an advertising company our site is not a booking service. It is a means of bringing the independent personalised transport operator and the traveller together.

The problem at the moment is………‘the gap’

In the changing economic and technological climate, the transport industry has been suffering, but there is also “the gap”. There are people on one side who use or have used personalised independent Hire Cars, Taxis, Mini busses etc. Some of these people continue to use the service where as others due to corporate shake-up are not entitled anymore. These were people travelling when it was busy around the turn of the century.

Then there are other people on the other side of “the Gap”. These people are split into two groups. The ones that have never heard of independent Hire Cars, Taxis, Mini busses etc. and then there are the other people that just could not be bothered dealing with ‘Joe Blow the cabbie, think that hire cars are too expensive and that mini busses are for when you have a group travelling. These are the people that now either drive themselves, catch public transport or hail a cab and whinge about it for a week.

mycar is the bridge over ‘the gap’ to link the travelling public with independent personalised transport.

How will mycar be able to do this?

My Car will be an electronic directory displaying the names and phone numbers of quality independent transport operators on an Internet site www.mycar.net.au (mycar on the net at u)

The site directory has mycar’s own unique rotating system, so everyone will have a chance at being number one and everyone will be last. mycar does not play favouritism to any one particular operator or service.

But doesn’t everyone have a site?

There are many operators who already have their own Website, or have paid money towards a directory. The problem is that unless the traveller has an exact address it can be take a along time or maybe impossible to find one particular operator. Who wants to search through over 2000 listings through a search engine? mycar will promote itself through many other avenues and as well as through search engines.
mycar will, with on going advertising and media promotions including the airports, advertise the site. mycar is nationwide, so advertising will be national starting with the east coast of Australia.

Does mycar control my business?

No! mycar has no influence in the way in which you operate or offload your business. mycar will not ask for any commission for any work or regular clients acquired through the site.

It still would be your job to educate new customers with your phone number, your pick-up procedures. E.g.. airport pick-ups, pre booking etc. It is your job to set prices and conditions with potential travellers, but remember mycar does promote competition among our advertisers.

Providing you operate within the law and within our terms and conditions
mycar welcomes you.

Why do you need mycar?

Where mycar is so unique, is that it is out to be a brand name. mycar will advertise and promote itself to bring potential travellers to the site
If we unite as one on a promotional front, you will be able to preserve your independence and keep control whilst gaining national advertising.

Where else can you market nationally and still keep your independence?

Our goal is to be ‘the place to go’ when people think of having to book transport.

It can cost thousands to set up your own site by a professional web designer. With what you would spend, you could be on
mycar advertised site for up to 5 years.

After a free trial period is over you could maintain your presence on the mycar site from less than $10.00 per week plus GST.

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