My Car have on offer a massive range of motor vehicle seat covers in a diverse range of fabric and sizes. These are comprised of universal sizes, off the shelf Tailor Mades or Custom Mades (manufactured in house to the seat patterns)

Materials available are jacquard, polyester, canvas (both cotton and polyester), neoprene, padded mesh, pvc, pu, suede and sheepskin.

My Car seat covers are manufactured to cater to all aspects of the market place, whether it be conservative, for comfort, fashionable or heavy duty wear and tear. Our designs and material usage encompass the younger generations, retirees, families, tradies and the 4WD enthusiasts.

Most of our seat covers are either charcoal, black or grey specifically to match vehicle interiors. However, we do have available colours such as mocha, two tone variations and a large range of bright fashion colour series, ranging from purple to green and orange.

Our heavy duty canvas seat covers are highly regarded by tradies, 4WD enthusiasts and the mining industry and they offer benefits such as total waterproofing, fire retardancy and a 10 year warranty. All other seat covers offer warranties of a minimum of 12 months up to 5 years.

Recent innovations with some of the designs include extra width and depth to cater to the varieties of some recent new model vehicles, including wider and taller seats with a variety of bolsters.

Some of our universal rear seat covers are provided with 3 zippers to enable ease of lowering the 60/40 or 50/50 split seats.

My Car also offer a range of slip on both canvas and cotton and also value packs.

( IE: a combination of front and rear seat covers or in some packs front, rears, floor mats and steering wheel covers.

Seat Covers