My Car offer a comprehensive range of car floor mats to suit most vehicles irrespective of whether it is carpet, rubber or a combination of both.

Our range of floor mats include singles, pairs, 3 piece units or sets of 4. They can be purchased either as singles or as sets.

From the conservative carpet or rubber version to a heavy duty deep dish mat, we have them all.

Most of our mats are “Trim to fit versions” IE: the rubber component of the mat can be easily trimmed or cut to ensure a snug fit for the particular vehicle.

All mats are durable, odourless, easily cleaned, include anti slip backing and will generally fit most vehicles and 4×4’s.

Popular colours are either black or grey and mocha is available in some designs.

For the younger generation My Car offer a range of aluminium look metallic mats in a range of colours from carbon to purple or pink.

Trim to fit boot mats are also available either in black pvc or a metallic finish in black, blue, carbon or red.

All My Car floor mats offer a 2 year workmanship warranty.

Floor Mats and Boot Mats