Car Covers (Waterproof)

My Car have available a large range of fully waterproof car and suv covers. Whilst designing this range we took into consideration longevity, the ease of handling in putting the cover on and taking it off and also the storage aspect.

As a result we designed an ultra lightweight vehicle cover that is simple to install, take off and store. Most other covers are bulky cumbersome and older people particularly have trouble getting them on and off.

Our covers are 100% waterproof, felt lined with a driver’s side zipper and a top vent hole for breathability. Elastic hems on the front and rear plus a webbing underneath old the unit secure.

They are totally uv resistant, 100% waterproof, offer a 12 month warranty and come in a reusable black zippered oxford carry bag for ease of storage.

The range covers most sedan and suv models.

Frost Blocker

The Frost Blocker is a unique seasonal product, specifically geared to protect your vehicle windscreen and side mirrors from irritating frost and snow build ups.

The heavy duty waterproof canvas protector is attached to the outside of your windscreen, as are the two mirror protectors and secured by straps and drawstrings. Any build-up of overnight frost or snow is comfortably  nullified by this protection, ensuring frost free glass the next morning and saving valuable time and effort.

Easily stored in a nylon pouch and offering a 12 month warranty the Frost Blocker is available singly or in counter dispensers of 10.

Car Cover and Frost Blockers