Not entirely a pure automotive line, however, a number of our customers have asked us to look at a range of camping equipment which goes hand in glove with the times motorists travel on holidays such as Easter, Christmas time etc

Hence we have commenced with a range os state of the art camping mattresses in a range of both bright and conservative colours, most of which are self inflatable.

The range include single mattresses in thickness ranging from 2.5cms to 10cms in polyester, pvc, camo, taffeta and suede. Most include built in self inflatable pillows.

Double mattresses are also available in a range of colours with side bolsters and self inflatable pillows.

Another unique product in the range is our “Rear seat travel bed” basically an inflatable mattresses geared to fit the rear seat of most vehicles. This unit is supported by two inflatable legs which fit in the rear seat wells. Also comes with an inflatable console protector and is available in either black or grey air pump also included.

All mattresses and associated products are warranted for 12 months.

Camping Mattresses