A comprehensive and diverse offering of back and lumbar supports from part of the My Car range. These include “The Air Seat” a unique compressed air bladder, easily fitted to your seat that relieves back tension and mobilizes the spinal column to assist in a comfortable drive. Can also be used at home and in the office. Available in pvc or suede (various colours)

“Memory Foam” back supports also form part of the range, either as a back support only or as a combo (back and neck support). Made of high density and highly elasticised memory foam, this concept was developed by N.A.S.A and the open cell structures aids in a completely comfortable and therapeutic ride.

Memory foam as its name suggests completely retains its memory and capabilities, thus moulding to the body shape and offering great comfort and support. Huge range of colours available.

Our back and lumbar support range also includes a number of other like products, all assisting in improved air flow and comfort.

They include

  • Traditional beaded seat cover and cushions
  • Heater cushion
  • Massage cushion ( 6 speeds of heat )
  • Various other back support
  • Seat pads and seat cushions

Back and Lumbar Support